Russian in Moscow

Language, Culture and Internship Program

The Institute of Russian Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences offers a unique study abroad program in Russian as a Foreign Language, Russian for Heritage Speakers, Russian history and culture. We designed our program in Moscow to address the shortcomings of other study programs in Russia that our students had attended in the past.

We offer the following unique features:

  • a flexible course of study that can be tailored to students’ interests;
  • a flexible time period stretching over the summer (8 weeks) or a semester (16 weeks);
  • bringing students into contact with important Russian political, cultural, academic figures through a series of lectures and individual seminars;
  • “immersion” through internships, peer interaction, informal extracurricular activities;
  • warm atmosphere, individual attention, extracurricular activities, cultural outings, fun events.

    Program Structure

  • Russian language course – Phonetics, Grammar, Conversation, Reading
  • Russian for Heritage Speakers course - Russian for Heritage Speakers
  • Internship
  • Apprenticeship
  • Folklore Expeditions
  • Elective course on any aspect of Russian culture, history, politics, economics
  • Readings and assignments for the Moscow tours
  • Readings for the Saint Petersburg Tour
  • Fear, Laughter, and Pity: Emotions in Language, Culture, and Art

  • Housing
  • Contacts
  • Application form

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    V. V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    119019, Moscow, Volkhonka str, 18/2
    Contacts: Valentina Apresjan at, Anastasia Kuznetsova at