Russian in Moscow


Charity, human rights

  • Memorial. Work for a human rights organization, edit English texts, do research, translate Russian-English on various aspects of the situation with human rights in Russia.
  • Moscow Center for Prison Reform. Research for the Center or translate Russian-English for the Center’s website.
  • Dom rebenka. Work with children aged 8 months – 4 years, help caretakers with their daily routine, play, read, teach.
  • ROOF Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund. Participate in the “post-graduate” education of Russian orphans by teaching them English, computer literacy, etc.
  • The Angel Coalition. The Coalition deals with human trafficking. They need volunteers who are seriously interested in the problem and have some experience within this sphere.
  • Russian State Pediatrics Clinic. Help writing for the English version of the clinic’s site, compiling applications to sponsors for funding the treatment of the clinic’s oncological patients. Join the Church charity program for the Onco-Center patients, give classes to children.

    Business, newspaper, language teaching

  • TCAD group. Do office work or site design for a big construction company based in Russia.
  • Moscow News. Editorial assistance.
  • Moscow Language Center, Dennis School, inlingua. Teach English to different age groups.


  • Institute of World Literature. Assist the staff of the Institute of the World Literature in processing, translating, annotating, preparing abstracts and cataloguing materials from the US which are held in the Manuscript Holdings of the IMLI.
  • Computer linguistics laboratory for machine translation. Take part in the testing process, analyze translations.

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    V. V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    119019, Moscow, Volkhonka str, 18/2
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